Elizabeth Banks to Play Classic Villain Rita Repulsa in POWER RANGERS


The Power Rangers movie has added actor/director Elizabeth Banks in the fan-favorite role of the villainous Rita Repulsa. As reported by THR, she’s going to be the main villain of the upcoming live-action reboot of the long-running TV series. I’m almost certain she got the role because of her batshit performance as the eccentric Effie

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Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix and Amazon Prime in February


With each new month comes the same old lesson about catching all your favorite movies before they leave Netflix. If you haven’t watched The Naked Gun yet, you should do that is what I’m saying. But what do you get in return? A lot actually! We get the original series Fuller House and Judd Apatow’s

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Box Office: Everybody was Kung Fu Watching. Sorry.


The Kung Fu Panda franchise proved its worth once again taking the top spot at the box office this weekend. It earned $41 million, just five million short of what Kung Fu Panda 2 posted in 2011. Panda 3 is also looking to finish the weekend with $40 million plus from China alone, making it

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Weekend Preview: The Father and Son Reunion We’ve All Been Waiting For!


Check out what’s playing this weekend and make the right decision! While you’re at it, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. My mom says they’re cool. Kung Fu Panda 3 Notable: The film was originally scheduled for December 23, 2015 but the studio delayed to avoid directly competing with Star Wars. Kung Fu Panda 3

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Important: STAR WARS EPISODE IX To Be Shot on Film, Not Digital


Colin Trevorrow, the director behind Jurassic World, one of the highest grossing movies of all-time, has decided to shoot his next big feature, Star Wars: Episode IX, on film. During a press conference at the Sundance Film Festival on Thursday he talked about preferring to watch period pictures that are shot on film instead of

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NINE LIVES Trailer: Kevin Spacey is Mr. Fuzzypants


People love movies with cats, I think. Bill Murray played Garfield (twice) and people seemed to connect with it, I think. I enjoyed the first Garfield movie. What’ I’m saying is that after watching the trailer for Barry Sonnenfeld‘s (Men in Black) Nine Lives, starring Kevin Spacey as a cat named Mr. Fuzzypants, it’s hard

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KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS Trailer: Another Stop-Motion Odyssey We Should Wat...


If you’re a fan of great stop-motion like Coraline (2009), ParaNorman (2012), and The Boxtrolls (2014), you should check out this fantastic trailer for LAIKA’s next stop-motion animated, CG hybrid movie Kubo and the Two Strings. Matthew McConaughey and Charlize Theron make their animated debut with an odyssey taking place in ancient Japan where a

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Larry David Will host Saturday Night Live in February


Saturday Night Live has announced that the great Larry David will be hosting the show on February 6 next month. The comedian, best known for co-creating Seinfeld and starring in HBO’s great Curb Your Enthusiasm, has guest starred twice this season, playing Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and calling guest host Donald Trump a racist

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Box Office: THE REVENANT Takes Top Spot In Its Third Week


I wouldn’t put a lot of blame on snow storms for a poor box office this weekend; two-thirds of the US were still able to make their way to the movies and decided either not to go, or to see some talked about winners instead. The Revenant claimed the top spot with an estimated $16

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