The City Strip Halloween Special V Part III – The Confusing Conclusion


And thus end another City Strip Halloween Special.  We hope you enjoyed the ride and had a few laughs along the way. — Now, what you’ve really been waiting for…my tedious explanation of my drawing process!  During the past two days I’ve covering writing, penciling, and inking.  What comes next?  Scanning, colouring, and fretting. Once

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The City Strip Halloween Special V Part II – The Mediocre Middle


That Uncle Omarion’s bad news I tell ya, too bad Sam and Marty didn’t listen. — Yesterday I covered how Graham and I write these Halloween specials, today I’ll cover the next stage.  Drawing the damn thing. It all begins with laying out the comic in rough pencil form.  Writing the script only gives you

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The City Strip Halloween Special V Part I – The Bizarre Beginning


A mysterious figure watching from the woods? This can only end one way…with candy. — It just wouldn’t be Halloween around here without our annual Halloween Special.  Over the next few days I’ll go over what goes into making these Halloween specials and just how much fun we have doing them. It always starts off

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#178 – Sticks & Stones


I was once called Kelvin instead of Kevin and that hurt.  Can’t imagine what he goes through.

#177 – On Ice!


I would watch this, if for nothing else but the dancing bears I assume they will have in place of ring girls.