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THE BRONX BULL Trailer; The sequel, prequel, or remake to RAGING BULL


One of the greatest movies ever made is Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull; watching it is an experience everyone should have in their lifetime. So enter Martin Guigui with the nerve to try and taint Raging Bull’s legacy with some strange sequel, prequel, or remake – I can’t tell. His IMDB bio was likely written by

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Pardon? RAGING BULL 2 Is Filming Right Now, For True You Guys

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The Internet Movie Database says it’s real, Variety says it’s real – but I don’t want to believe it.  Raging Bull II is being directed by Martin Guigui, who seems to works with a lot of talent in movies that seem to disappear overnight (Beneath the Darkness, Changing Hearts).  It’s a prequel/sequel to Martin Scorsese’s

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