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Viewer, Beware, it’s the First GOOSEBUMPS Trailer


The first trailer for the big screen adaptation of Goosebumps is finally here! You might already know by now how this movie managed a plot, but let’s go over it again. After moving into a small town, a teenage boy named Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) meets Hannah (Odeya Rush), his new neighbor. Hannah’s father, R.

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Official STEVE JOBS Trailer; “Artists lead and hacks ask for a show o...


Here is the first official trailer for director Danny Boyle’s upcoming drama Steve Jobs. Written by Aaron Sorkin, the film has only three scenes, each one the unveiling of a product Jobs (Michael Fassbender) created. I don’t think you could tell from the trailer that there are only three scenes, but if you know Sorkin’s

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CREED Trailer: Rocky Comes out of Retirement to Train Apollo’s Son


Warner Bros. and MGM Pictures have released the first trailer for Fruitvale Station writer/director Ryan Coogler’s Creed, another entry in the great Rocky franchise. The movie stars Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson, the son of world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. Adonis wants to follow in his father’s footsteps, so he heads to Philadelphia and

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Watch the Bittersweet Trailer for I AM CHRIS FARLEY Documentary


I grew up watching Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live and in his various big screen roles. I liked everything he did even if the material wasn’t all there (Beverly Hills Ninja). He was an explosive force of comedy and now nearly 20 years after his death, it still stings to think about. A new

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LEGEND Trailer: Tom Hardy Plays Gangster Twins


We have a slick new Legend trailer starring Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road, Locke) in dual roles of real-life twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray, major players in the 1960s London crime scene. Hardy is a favorite around the COF offices and for him to continually surprise us with challenging fresh roles is helping is

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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Synopsis Revealed, Plus New Trailer


AMC’s companion series to The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, has an official synopsis for us today. No Walkers though; just more characters in fear. It’s a good tease and a way to introduce us to the main characters, but I do look forward to seeing them soon. Here’s the official synopsis for AMC’s

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I don’t know what’s happening in the Paranormal Activity series; there might be some continuity to follow but I don’t think I’ve seen any of them from beginning to end. Maybe they would make me jump I’m not sure, but I guess I was done with the found footage horror style (aka shaky cam fun)

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THROWBACK TRAILERS Presents: Psycho, Toy Story, Southpark: Bigger, Longer &...


Welcome to Throwback Trailers! We are turning back the hands of cinematic time to relive some classic movie trailers. Spanning generations and genres, TBT will be sure to find a touch of nostalgia that everyone can enjoy. TOY STORY (1995) Released: November 22, 1995 Budget: $30 million Worldwide Gross: $361,958,736 One of my all-time favorite

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