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Today’s Links: James Bond Joined Facebook, Evil Dead Remake, Django Unchained and More

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Today's LinksA collection of links from across the web that may be film, TV and or entertainment related.

  • James Bond has joined Facebook and Twitter, more Bond 23 news on the way!
  • ‘Clash of the Titans 3′ is moving forward for some odd reason. [THR]
  • RZA joins ‘Django Unchained’ for Tarantino. [variety]
  • Check out the logo for the ‘Evil Dead’ remake. [dreadcentral]
  • First look at Nicolas Cage and John Cusack in ‘The Frozen Ground’. [comingsoon]
  • Amanda Seyfried eyes ‘Lovelace’ biopic. [gaurdian]
  • ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’ synopsis revealed. [bloody-disgusting]
  • This ‘Super 8′ deleted scene takes you inside the caves. [twitvid]

Box Office Report: Not So Bright Weekend For New Releases

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

box office

Green Lantern with all its bad reviews and word of mouth had a three day opening of just $52.6M.  Should be interesting to see if Warner Brothers tries to spin that one.  Jonah Hex memories?  Me thinks so.  On the other hand, Batman Begins debuted with $48.7M, that was with great critical response yet no 3D ticket prices.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins earned $18.2M, on par with Jim Carrey’s latest efforts [see].  Super 8, last weekend’s number one film dropped to second place holding onto it’s audience.

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Box Office Report: The Secret’s Out, Super 8 Takes It

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

box office

Super 8 took the top spot this weekend with an estimated $37M to push the X-Men to second place with $25M just a day or so away from crossing the $100M mark.  To me Super 8 should have done better, especially with the crazy push the studio gave it over the last week.  It was also one of the best of year according to my review.

1. Super 8 – $37M
2. X-Men: First Class – $25M ($98.8M)
3. Hangover Part II – $18.5M ($216.5M)
4. Kung Fu Panda 2 – $16.6M ($126.9M)
5. Pirates 4 – $10.8M ($208M)
6. Bridesmaids – $10M ($123.9M)
7. Judy Moody – $6.2M ($6.2M)
8. Midnight in Paris – $6M ($14.2M)
9. Thor – $2.3 ($173.6M)
10. Fast Five – $1.7M ($205)

[MORE: Box Office Mojo, The-Numbers]

X-Men is still moving slower than the previous mutant films, but as I said last week, this film was a much harder sell and should merit a sequel when all is said and done.  The Hangover Part II broke the $200 million mark on Friday and soon after became the top-grossing film of 2011.  Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris expanded into 944 locations and still holds in the top 10.

Next weekend, Green Lantern…anyone heard of it?

The CoF Weekend Preview: It’s Really Just Super 8

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Show of hands, who reeeeeally likes Steven Spielberg?

Welcome to The CoF Weekend Preview where we take a look at what’s going on this weekend in entertainment. Check back Sunday night for the Box Office Report and return Monday for The City Strip. Don’t forget to check out the CoF Summer Movie Guide 2011 for what else is coming soon to theaters.  The City of Films Show Episode 2 (Episode 1) will be up next week, get ready.  And Here We…Go!


My review might spark some interest if you’re still on the fence.  I’ll see it again before summers end, it was great fun.  Now J.J. Abrams can return to answering endless questions about Star Trek 2.


I wasn’t even going to mention this movie, I didn’t hear about it until my Thursday night ritual of looking to see what past cast members of Family Matters are up to.  Well, Urkel aka Jaleel White is in this movie, good for him.

Cut To The Chase: Super 8 (2011)

Friday, June 10th, 2011


Cut To The Chase Reviews from The City of Films are spoiler free ‘Reviews Abridged For Your Pleasure’. Quick, concise, and sometimes entertaining opinions on the go!

Having been looking forward to Super 8 all year, it wasn’t easy for me to attend a screening without high expectations.  I wanted to love it and I wanted the film to evoke memories of movies past.  I’m relieved that it not only met expectations but easily surpassed them.

A lot of secrets were kept about the film, and you’ll have to see it to learn them, but one aspect of the filmmaking that director J.J. Abrams didn’t shy away from was the obvious homage to past Steven Spielberg films.  Themes from films like E.T. and Close Encounters are showcased here in an updated yet nostalgic fashion.  Growing up on Spielberg movies, some of which are the best movies of all time, I was relieved to see that my memories were handled with such care.

Super 8 has a lot of amazing visuals, the train wreck scene is definitely one for the books.  The cast is solid with a lot of credit going to the kids, who can always make or break a film.  If anything is missing from Super 8, it’s the heart and emotion found in the early days of Amblin.  While you certainly come to feel for the characters and believe what’s happening on screen, you never quite get the butterflies or lump in your throat like when you watched Elliot say goodbye to his alien friend for example.

Super 8 is sure to draw a line between viewers today.  I’ve already read a few negative reviews of the film, and I couldn’t help but feel the jaded commentary was due in large part to the writers falling out of love with movies.  Super 8 is for kids, old and young – if you loved movies at some point in your life but now have some obligation to hate everything that comes out (I feel that way too sometimes), Super 8 might just bring back some of those feelings you had.  It’s like getting under the blankets in my parent’s rec-room all over again, playing with a silly tracking button and wishing I was a Goonie too.

Score: 4.5/5
Extra: Check out this last poster for Super 8, now that’s classic.

The City of Films Summer Movie Guide 2011

Friday, May 6th, 2011


The 2011 Summer Movie Season is on and The City of Films has put together a guide to the must-see movies including a record number of sequels, highly anticipated blockbusters and lesser known movies. Grab a cold one as we take a look at this summer’s hot releases.  Note: Dates are subject to change – COF will keep it updated.

The CoF Presents: Graham & Kevin’s Super 8mm Film School Movies

Monday, March 28th, 2011

We’ve Only Just Begun…

Watch out J.J. Abrams!  The year was 2006; the School was a teacher of film.  Kevin Fraser and I were roomed together, quickly bonding over our mutual love for movies, music and disdain for a large number of people we had met at the school.  We kept in touch over the years, our geographical distance did not hold us back from finally collaborating on this web site, for those of you just joining us – Kevin is the artist behind The City Strip.  It took little coaxing for Kevin to agree to be part of that venture, so far so great don’t you think?

It did however take some bribing to get Kevin to agree to this post.  Our respective Super 8mm School Films are below for the public to see for the very first time.  These movies are by no means here to showcase our skills (we got mad ones), it’s a time capsule really of a time when kids at school picked up a camera and shot some crap.  So after six years, here they are: (more…)

Official Trailer and Synopsis for ‘Super 8′

Friday, March 11th, 2011


Not too long ago we showed you the Super 8 Super Bowl Commercial [here], and if you didn’t take notice, do so now.  I’m going to make a note now that I’m positive this movie will make my best of 2011 list, I have been excited ever since I heard the words “secret project with JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg that feels like 80′s Spielberg”.  So here we are, official trailer and plot, the movie looks amazing.  The score is spot on Amblin Entertainment, as crazy as it may sound; the bicycles, flashlights and kids in charge of the show is a kind of nostalgia for me when it comes to movies.  Enjoy: (more…)

JJ Abrams’ ‘Super 8′ Super Bowl Commercial, Details Revealed

Monday, February 7th, 2011

super 8Paramount Pictures aired footage from the Steven Spielberg-produced JJ Abrams-directed movie Super 8 last night during the Super Bowl.  Abrams sat down with the Los Angeles Times and talked about his science fiction film.  This movie, still somewhat a mystery (as far as “what is it” goes) looks and sounds like a classic Spielberg movie, everything we go to the movies for if you ask me.

“To me, all people need to know is that it’s an adventure about a small town and it’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s scary and there’s a mystery: What is this thing that has escaped? What are the ramifications of its presence? And what is the effect on people? But I know that’s not enough. Look, I feel we need a little bit of a coming-out party because we are up against massive franchises and brands and most people don’t know what ‘Super 8? means. We’re a complete anomaly in a summer of huge films…and we don’t want to be so silent or coy that people don’t care or don’t hear about it.”…”As the process went along I  realized I had the potential makings of  my favorite sort of movie, which is the one that is the hardest genre to define. That because you could say — and be right — that it’s a science fiction movie; or you could say — and be right — that it’s a love story; or you could say — and be right — that it’s a comedy; or you could say — and be right — that it’s a special-effects spectacle. That sort of cocktail is for me what I love about movies…that was the beginnings of this movie coming together.” (more…)

Trailer: JJ Abrams’ Super 8

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
JJ Abrams

"8 JJ, Super 8"

Paramount has released the trailer (after the jump) for the Steven Spielberg produced JJ Abrams directed secret project Super 8.  I don’t know what’s going on in this trailer, but that truck has some horse power behind it let me tell you.  Slashfilm has a list of “Everything We know About JJ Abrams’ Super 8″, here are the less obvious notes:

  • It is not a Cloverfield sequel or prequel.
  • This will be an homage/tribute to Spielberg’s 1970’s/1980’s Amblin films, like Close Encounters of a Third Kind and E.T. Imagine combining that with the characters, mystery and supernatural spin of Abrams.
  • And it takes place in the late 1979.
  • The trailer was shot independently of the film a month ago, and the special effects were done under the cover of Abrams new NBC series Undercovers.
  • It will be shot traditionally, and not through a handheld Super 8 Camera ala Cloverfield.
  • It will be released in Summer 2011. The release date could be May 27, 2011. I say this because Paramount, just today, pushed Mission Impossible 4 out of that date, and back to December, leaving the slot open.
  • HeatVision says that actual movie has something to do with “the possibility that a group of kids in 1979 are playing around making movies with their Super 8 cameras (as Abrams and Spielberg did as kids) and accidentally capture something…sinister, on film.” This certainly gels with Vulture’s original theory on the trailer. (more…)