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CoF Weekend Preview: See The Dark Knight Rises Again or Finally

Friday, July 27th, 2012


Welcome to The CoF Weekend Preview, here is a look at what’s opening this weekend and don’t forget to check out the City of Films SUMMER MOVIE GUIDE so you can plan your summer movie experience. See you here Monday for a new City Strip.

The WatchRT (14%) – Trailer

If you want to see a great alien invasion movie, check out Attack the Block.  The Watch may be someone’s best effort to Americanize that movie, but I don’t think it’s going to work.  I’m pretty tired of the unscripted back and forth you can already tell will be in this movie thanks to Stiller, Vaughn, and Hill.  Maybe I’m getting old, or maybe I like story.

Step Up RevolutionRT (31%) – Trailer

Dance kids.  Dance like you’ve never danced before!  Then never make one of these stupid movies again.

Also opening: Killer Joe (Limited), Clown: The Movie (or Klovn: The Movie) (Limited), Ruby Sparks (Limited)

Other: Like I said, The Dark Knight Rises is worth checking out, even for a second time.  If you’re stuck at home, Breaking Bad is on Sunday and this season is just chilling so far.

Trailer for KILLER JOE Starring Matthew McConaughey and Emile Hirsch

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012


Matthew McConaughe plays a killer, is that a first?  If Kate Hudson isn’t around, that even better.  You can watch the trailer for Killer Joe below, in the NC-17-rated film Emile Hirsch and his father Thomas Haden Church hire cop/hitman Matthew McConaughey to murder their mother in order to get her insurance policy.

Killer Joe was directed by Academy Award winner William Friedkin (The Exorcist, The French Connection) and also stars Juno Temple and Gina Gershon.

Killer Joe opens July 27th.


Today’s Links: Frankenstein, The Wolverine, Captain America Blu-ray and More

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Today's LinksA collection of links from across the web that may be film, TV and or entertainment related.


  • Shawn Levy is confirmed to direct ‘Frankenstein’ 20th Century Fox. [showblitz]
  • Mark Bomback to Re-Write ‘The Wolverine’. [variety]
  • Kal Penn and NBC to set up new workplace comedy set in the United Nations. [deadline]
  • Ed Helms to star in remake of french comedy ‘Le Mac’. []
  • Captain America Blu-ray details and cover art revealed. []
  • James Gandolfini drama ‘Big Dead Place’ to be developed by HBO. [THR]
  • The Poster for ‘Killer Joe’ starring Matthew McConaughey and Emile Hirsch. [comingsoon]
  • Director Marc Webb talks The Amazing Spider-Man. [totalfilm]