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In Let This Franchise Die Already News, Sony is Working on Male-Focused GHO...


Bill Murray wouldn’t read Dan Aykroyd’s script for Ghostbusters 3. Enough time passed and smart and well-dressed Hollywood thinkers decided to make a new Ghostbusters instead, with females. They touted this around town like they were doing women a favour and it was embarrassing and sexist for everyone involved. The new, female-centric Ghostbusters movie directed

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Paul Feig Talks GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot and the Benefits of a Female Ensemble


With Paul Feig now officially directing the next Ghostbusters film (which you will learn why we probably shouldn’t call it Ghostbusters 3 anymore) we are finally getting some more details about the project. Katie Dippold (The Heat) has been hired to co-write the script with Feig which will center around a cast of “hilarious women.”

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GHOSTBUSTERS Gets Theatrical Re-release and a Special Blu-ray


There are rumors out there that Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer might direct the long in development-hell Ghostbusters 3: Even Ghostier (not the real title) and while we wait for that dream to die, the original movie is getting a treatment 30 years in the making. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Ghostbusters will get a theatrical re-release

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reitman to direct ghostbusters 3

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It’s official, Ivan Reitman ain’t afraid of no ghosts.  Or trilogies for that matter.  MTV shared with us this morning that the director will return to his roots with another Ghostbusters.  He wouldn’t comment on recent rumours about the film such as the statements made by Sigourney Weaver, who said that Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman character

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