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Review: Invictus (2009)

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

invictusClint Eastwood plays it safe with this tale of Mandela and his idea to bring unity to South Africa through rugby. Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon provide the acting clout while Eastwood shapes the direction of the film. I loved Eastwood’s previous outings; Gran Torino, Changeling, Million Dollar Baby and Mystic River – perhaps for the darker side of filmmaking Directed with each.  INVICTUS is a modest, self-effacing movie about extraordinary events that chronicles one battle in Nelson Mandela’s war against the past and his journey to reconstruct a brighter future for his people.

The movie’s plot sounds clichéd, and while the film is a lot of the time, the good news is that it’s not overwhelmed by it.  I found it bland and slow; the movie will win audiences with the charm of Mandela, but descends into a film about rugby.


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Friday, October 30th, 2009

mutantbabyBrought to you by: Mutant League Hockey

My brother and I rented this game so often that we should have just bought the damn thing, you know those games.  I think I rented WWF’s No Mercy for the N64 about twenty times at $5 a throw down, mental.  Mutant League is still the best Hockey game of all time in my books.  What other hockey game can you punch, kick, clothesline, and decapitate all while holding onto the puck.  Brilliant.  The fights were straight forward unlike the games of today where you have to press 4 different buttons in sequence just to block.  In MLH (we played it for the Sega Genesis) there are special plays that can cause things to happen like making the puck explode when it is picked up by an opposing player, bribing the referee to call fake penalties against the other team, and land mines and holes on the ice.  The crowd is prone to throwing weapons or other powerups onto the ice; they may be picked up and used freely. When a player dies, their corpse remains on the ice and may be tripped on.  Case closed.

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