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Leonardo DiCaprio Will Play An Assassin Film Adaptation Of ‘Satori’

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio (a favorite around here) is attached to star in a feature film adaptation of the Don Winslow written novel Satori.  DiCaprio will play a Westerner named Nicholai Hel in the story who is raised in Japan and taught the skills of an assassin.  The script is being written by Shane Salerno (Shaft, Armageddon).

Deadline shared a detailed run down of the story: Hel was “raised in Japan by a martial arts expert and genius at Go, the complex chess-like Japanese game. The master, a Japanese general, passes on all his secrets and the student repays him by murdering his mentor as an act of devotion; the military leader would have been disgraced and killed as a war criminal. For that act, Hel is thrown in solitary confinement in a Tokyo prison, and tortured for three years. He is finally sprung by the CIA after agreeing to assassinate the Soviet commissioner to China. (more…)