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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013


In 1984 Wes Craven gave us A Nightmare on Elm Street and a horror classic was born.  Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) would haunt children in their dreams for many sequels to come turning indie studio New Line Cinema into the “house that Freddy built”.

As a kid, there was nothing more exciting than going to the movie store on weekends.  The “Videorama” in our town was my family’s place – 5 movies for $5, yes sir!  Leave it to my parents to ignore rating systems and good judgement, because their kids were horror fans.  A Nightmare on Elm Street was my favorite, I would rent the series continuously knowing that I would have to wait for Sunday morning to come around so there was sunlight to protect me.

I would have nightmares and that somehow didn’t deter me from horror movies.  I checked out Friday the 13th and Halloween, and sure Jason and Myers had their qualities, but Freddy Kruger haunted me like no other, I respected that.  The series would reply more and more on outlandish deaths and Freddy becoming a stand-up comic.  Nevertheless, the series is rather strong and holds well today.

Below I examine all of the films in the main series, ranked in order of quality.  It’s all opinion, so share your thoughts and feelings in the comments!

One-two Freddy’s coming for you…


WORST: Movie Doctors

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

movie doctors

If you want to feel horrible about your upcoming visit to the doctors, look no further than the movies. I’ve put together this compilation of some of the worst doctors in movie history.  I’ll be going to the hospital tomorrow for surgery, so in retrospect, this was a bad idea to make this post.  Maybe it’s the fact that these awful movie doctors know about anatomy and can take advantage of that knowledge when it comes to inflicting pain on a victim.

At any rate, enjoy! If there are any I missed, be sure to let me know in the comments.  Note: Possible spoilers ahead! Graphic Content!


Reel: Freddy Krueger In Mortal Kombat

Thursday, August 11th, 2011


Freddy Krueger is the new DLC character for the game Mortal Kombat, here he shows off some bloody fatalities.The dream master in a video game that doesn’t suck, this was always a dream of mine.  I wonder if they can manage to make a game just for him? [IGN]  Watch it below:


Reel: How They Filmed Tina’s Death in A Nightmare on Elm Street

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011


One of my favorite death scenes of all time (wow that sounds morbid) is that of Tina (played by Amanda Wyss) in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street from Wes Craven.  I was amazed when I first saw this as a kid, there was nothing like it.  What’s even more incredible is how they pulled it off.  Much like I showed you How They Filmed the Inception Corridor Scene, it’s all real here.  Watch it below along with the original death scene:


Art and Information For ‘Scream’ Documentary ‘Still Screaming’

Friday, March 4th, 2011

One of my favourite movies of 2010 was Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, a four-hour documentary on the Freddy franchise, it was so well made and detailed it left all questions and wonders answered.  Enter, the same treatment for Scream, another Wes Craven franchise full of greatness.

An official Facebook page was launched recently for the Scream doc Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective, which will hit stores in April to coincide with the release of Scream 4 (April 15th).

“This documentary will include rare archival footage, never-before-seen photos, new on-set stories, and will reveal the entire success of Scream from its inception right up to the new movie,” producer Anthony Masi told Bloody Disgusting back in November.


Click to size.

The CoF Council Picks: Top 3 Movie Posters

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

city of films

Hello Citizens!  We here in the City of Films love movie posters.  We don’t post a lot of news about posters because frankly nowadays they are boring and half-assed.  For any movie aficionado you know how great a movie poster can be; it’s art and that’s why we hang them in our homes.  You size it up, have it flattened, frame it and place her in just the right spot on the wall.  Move aside family portrait, The Goonies are going up!

The chosen posters below are not necessary from our homes or movies we saw or liked, but 3 of our favourite posters.  If you have a poster wall of your own you would like to show us, head over to our Facebook page and post it – we enjoy that.  BONUS: Check out our Top 3 DVD’s (more…)

Freddy’s Revenge Happening In 3D

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Freddy Krueger 3DThe new Nightmare on Elm Street went on to defy early reviews by making over $32 million this past weekend at the box office.  So it’s no surprise to hear Warner Bros wants to have another go, but this time in a whole other dimension.  There’s been a suggestion that the new film be in 3D – that will be the second Elm Street to use 3D – the last ten minutes or so of 1991′s Freddy’s Dead : The Final Nightmare was also in 3D, it even came with glasses!  Jackie Earle Haley (Freddy) is committed to three Elm Street films in all.  They couldn’t even wait until the number 3 was in the title, lazy.

Elm Street Could Have Been 3D, Keep Fighting People!

Monday, April 26th, 2010
Since 3D took over the film world, myself and many others around the interwebs have a grown concern that this popular feature is becoming more of a marketing tool rather than an artistic decision.  Avatar was made for 3D, and the only way to really appreciate it was in theaters, James Cameron himself agrees.
We know a lot of filmmakers are jumping at the opportunity to convert their films into 3D and some are even being forced by the studios.  Old people in suits, they know what the kids like.  Samuel Bayer, the director of the upcoming remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street that hits theaters on Friday, fought against it.  In an article in the LA Times brought to my attention by /Film, he says:

When New Line initiated several conversations about converting A Nightmare on Elm Street to 3-D, “we pushed back,” says director Samuel Bayer. “This was shot in 2-D and was meant to be shown in 2-D.” He added, “Just like I don’t want to see a lot of great movies remade” — alluding to the other Hollywood vogue — “I don’t want to see a lot of them in 3-D.” Read the article, it’s interesting, and continue the good fight to not make movies in 3D that don’t call for it.  I’m looking at you Bono. (more…)

A Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-Ray Release

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Click For Full On Freddy

We are a few weeks away from the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, so the inevitable re-release of the movie in the home market is here too.  Warner Brothers will release the original on Blu-Ray April 13th.

Special Features: (more…)

New Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer, Still With Creepy Girls

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Click the pizza face for a new poster.

Why you screaming?  I haven’t even cut you yet. We have a new movie trailer for Samuel Bayer’s remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. This trailer much like the first one kicks ass.  The movie looks so glossy and pretty, and it works. We hear a lot more from Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger (sounds more sinister now, I guess they heard the internet after the first trailer) although we still don’t get a good look at his face.  Freddy will be less funny with less sound bites, for this I am glad.  It’s one of the best stories of horror around in my opinion, do it justice please.  In theaters April 30, 2010