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Will Sasso Is Curly in ‘Three Stooges’

Monday, March 28th, 2011

sasso curlyThe long awaited Three Stooges movie from the Farrelly Brothers has finally taken a major step in officially casting its first Stooge with the remaining two to be announced soon. [THR]

Will Sasso has officially been cast as Curly in the Farrelly brothers’ Three Stooges, the movie is not a biopic and will be divided into three vignettes telling an overall story.  So who will play Larry and Moe?  Once upon a time when the project was set up at MGM, the Farelly’s had Jim Carrey as Curly, Sean Penn as Larry and Benicio del Toro as Moe, and well that just went to hell.  Hank Azaria and James Marsden are apparent frontrunners for the roles, nothing official yet so stay with us.  So what do you think?  Who (if anyone) should be filling out this cast?  Meanwhile, here’s one of my favorites Sasso spots from MadTV.

penn not a stooge

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Sean Penn who has been in the news as of late for more than just his sort of recent Oscar win (the man is going into divorce proceedings for a 2nd time) has now dropped out of two movies.  MGM’s “The Three Stooges” and Universal and Imagine’s crime thriller “Cartel.”  THR says he is leaving Hollywood to spend more time with his family (but for how long Sean?!)

The Farrelly Brothers (Dumb & Dumber) have been trying to get Stooges made for a very long time, and to be honest even getting Penn, Jim Carrey, and Benicio del Toro was astonishing.  How will they recoup?  This should be interesting to follow as MGM has slotted it for a 2010 release for Stooges.  More on “Cartel” and Penn here.

3 stooges return

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Joblo got a hold of this dandy today: Hollywood loves a good remake. It’s a shame remakes don’t love Hollywood. That’s why the Farrelly Brothers’ attempt at a modern version of “The Three Stooges” must be met with much skepticism. Let’s ignore the fact that the brohans have not had a bonafied hit in years. The simple fact that the The Stooges have such a loyal, built-in cult following means an automatic backlash is at hand.

According to Peter Farrelly:It’s not a biopic. It takes place in present day, and they look, dress and sound exactly like the Stooges.

When the economy started turning, we felt like the world could use a Stooges slapfest. Bobby and I haven’t done a real physical comedy in a while, and it’s the most exciting thing we could think of now, to have people go to the movie, see some great slapstick fun family humor.

Now that this film is officially in the pipeline, one can only wonder…who will play the beloved stooges?