WIN some FAIL some: Marvel Movies


Here I am with another installment of WIN some FAIL some. With at least five Marvel movies announced to be released in the next two years what better time to take a look at Marvel movie wins and fails. Like any opinion on the internet, I am sure the following doesn’t necessarily represent the views of everyone. Please leave a comment below, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

x-men X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)I have a special fondness for Wolverine and seeing this EPIC FAIL of an origins movie made my fan girl blood boil. Sitting in a box ready to be moved is my hard cover edition of the comic this should have been based on [here].  Even if I ignore the reckless use of source materials and re-imagined origins for most of the characters it’s still teeming with fail!  Firstly the producers of this movie couldn’t even contain a leak of the unfinished product, so several months before the movie was even released everyone could witness the train wreck.  This little fact aside it seems a little disturbing that they couldn’t even cast the part of Kayla Silverfox to someone more suited. Instead they spray paint her down so she’s  a dark tan.  Personally the only redeeming party of this movie was Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

hulk 2003 Hulk (2003) – Even with stars like Jennifer Connelly and Eric Bana this movie was doomed for failure.  Ang Lee to his credit did try hard to convey what the Hulk is with a solid back story drawing many aspects from the comic genre itself. This, however, only hindered the ‘awesome’ that this movie could have been. The 2008 release of The Incredible Hulk managed to save most new comers to the Hulk series a lot of hours by simply putting the most important parts of this movie into the first three minutes or so.  For such a drawn out movie there honestly wasn’t enough of the big green guy we all have come to love. No, not the Green Giant.


elektraElektra (2005)I find it shocking that this movie was NOT the one hinted at the end of Daredevil which itself is worth of mention in the fail section.  On a side note the first Marvel movie to have content at the end of the credits (as far as I know) is tell Daredevil. Moving on Elektra tried really hard to be what Daredevil almost was: Mediocre. Let’s call it like it is people this is a spin off. With a unstable plot filled with villains that seem a little TOO fantastic what more could we come to expect? Only scoring a 10% on the Tomatometer it goes to show what the fans think. At least Jennifer Garner looks fantastic in the costume [check it].


ghostriderGhost Rider (2007) –  I would feel a little bias by this because of my distaste for Cage but this time it’s not just fueled by that. The writing in this was so cheesy that Chester himself must have overdosed while watching.  I’ve never been so bored with a Marvel movie in my life – I demand action!  Not unlike the previously mentioned Elektra movie this too suffers from terrible logic and plot holes. With a 26% on the Tomatometer it’s hard not to at least rent this and make a drinking game out of it.  Watch the epic clip below:

[youtube width=”300″ height=”200″][/youtube]


spiderman 3Spiderman 3  (2007)– Ever get the feeling that there’s too much going on at once in one movie?  It might be like kicking a dead horse in the head by now but shit, this was a busy movie.  With Spider-Man 1 & 2 having such a following how did it go so wrong? I blame the introduction of Venom.  Don’t get me wrong Venom was the best thing that Todd McFarlane ever contributed to Spider-Man as a whole. However the execution of the introduction of one of the most loved villains ever was terrible. If you were able to push past the terrible design of Venom and the idea that Eric Forman could have ever been Brock, there was still the distracting entrance of one and a half more villains. Wait what? Yup that’s right Sandman and Hobgoblin appearances too. The disjointed story was hard for even the most die-hard fans to swallow and now thanks to Raimi’s disaster, Spider-Man is getting a whole new Disney facelift.  So…yeah, be careful what you wish for.


So now that I’ve calmed down my nerd rage a little, let’s move on to bigger and better things.  After swallowing down all of that FAIL how about a big tall glass of WIN?

spidermanSpiderman 2 (2004)Sam Raimi (the king of B movies) did a fantastic job with this one. Why the second one you may ask? Well it’s because Peter Parker has worked past his whiny kid stage and moved onto the hard life of being a super hero. With the introduction of only one villain into the mix it’s easy to follow unlike the aforementioned second sequel.  You know what’s more enjoyable about this movie than our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?  Tthe cameo appearances; Stan Lee, he always makes an appearance in a Marvel movie and pointing him out is always a lot of fun. Stan isn’t the only face you’ll see though Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi both have a place in this gem it’s like a movie Easter egg bonanza!

ironmanIronman (2008) –  This movie had typecasting at its best. Who better to play a millionaire playboy than Downey Jr. whose track record is almost as spotted as Tony Stark‘s. The only thing I was disappointed about was the lack of Ozzy’s Ironman in the actual movie itself, so the whole time I spent humming it to the most intense parts of the movie waiting for it to happen. Too much?  With the perfect balance of humour, explosions, and hidden Avengers references I wasn’t too upset by the lack of a good song.

punisher war zoneThe Punisher: Warzone (2008) – If you take a step back and really look at this version of the Punisher you’ll find it draws its story heavily from the comic book storyline itself.  With over the top action that one can only expect from a comic book – Lexi Alexander did a fantastic job capturing the element. If this wasn’t enough to be drawn into the Punisher story the use of color made everything feel even more comic esq. In fact this movie yielded one of my favorite scenes of all time:

[youtube width=”300″ height=”200″][/youtube]

incredible hulkThe Incredible Hulk (2008) – I will always and forever think of Edward Norton as the Hulk, I was devastated by the sad news about the upcoming Avengers movie [catch up here].  It’s hard to distinguish this as a reboot or a sequel as it has a reference and even a clip from the 2003 Hulk. This doesn’t throw me off though because with the origins firmly built up already, the Hulk gets a super villain: Abomination. It just wouldn’t be a Marvel movie without a super villain.

kick-assKick-Ass (2010) – This is in fact a Marvel movie, Icon is a branch of Marvel much like Vertigo is to DC. Kick-Ass at first felt like your teen angst Spiderman–ish can’t get the girl story; however, this quickly changed with the introduction of Hit-girl. Who is Hit-girl you may ask? She’s a mega violent epic 10 year old super hero who  puts everyone to shame with her skill. There are a few people that have a problem with her though (isn’t there always) but actress Chloe Moretz doesn’t mind as she has something to say about it: “Younger children shouldn’t see the movie. It’s R rated for a reason. R rated is 18 and over, and if you are 18 and over, then you can take someone younger, but I wouldn’t advise it. I don’t advice it even if you’re 90 years old…” [Read Full Article Here].