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Gum Tape.  6 feet of fucking A!  This is what all my pocket money went to when I was a kid.  Getting one friend to hold it as you took it out the whole six feet like you couldn’t believe it.  Better than the jug of gum powder in my books.

  • Stephen Kings IT gets a remake, from TV to the big screen.
  • Davind Fincher has something to do with THE GOON movie.  Photos.
  • Tim Burton is making Alice in Wonderland if you didn’t know, here’s a picture.
  • Austin! Austin!  Joins The Expendables already great cast.  Oh and a gross video of Stallone working out too.

Writer / Director Kevin Smith in an exlusive interview discusses his upcoming film “A Couple Of Cops”, set to roll with stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. Smith talks about Mirmax, selling out and more.  I like this guy just about 30% of the time, so here is something positive while he has it.