Today’s Links 19.4.2010

VHS Rewinder

Almost a Batmobile.

Brought to you by: The VHS Tape Rewinder.
I’ll admit that I never understood the need for these things as a kid, seemed like a cash grab to me.  I would later discover that these noisy little boxes were actually putting years of life back on my VCR.

VCR’s were believed to make kinks in the tapes which could mess with playback after several rewinds. The rewinder would rewind smoother and faster. In addition, it would take the wear and tear away from the VCR, and protect the heads of the VCR.  The worst thing you can do to a VCR is rewind a tape, or keep a take on pause (worse for the tape).

These rewinders are not being made any more due to the introduction of the DVD, obviously.

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Can you name that mysterious tambourine player in the new Hanson music video that plays tribute to a very special scene from Blues Brothers?