THE SIMPSONS Return to Theaters, 3D Short ‘The Longest Daycare’


There will be another animated feature film starring our favorite cartoon family, some day. For now, a four-and-a-half minute 3D short will just have to do. It will debut with Ice Age: Continental Drift on July 13th.

The Simpsons shared a quick (very quick) announcement at the tail end of the season finale this past Sunday. You might remember they put a surprise teaser before Ice Age 2 in 2006.


“[Executive producer] Jim Brooks thought we should do an animated short — a la the ones Pixar does before their features, a la the cartoons you used to see in the theater years ago — as a fun thing to give our fans,” executive producer Al Jean says. “We just wanted to do this as a way of saying, ‘We appreciate how much people have stayed with the show and watched it for 25 years.'”

The Longest Daycare, directed by David Silverman (The Simpsons Movie), stars Maggie as she returns to the Ayn Rand School for Tots, “where her lone friend is a butterfly.” Jean adds: “They put each baby through an airport security-style testing machine to measure their future and hers says ‘Nothing Special,’ so they put her in an area that’s not great. If they put her in a good area, it wouldn’t be much of a plot.” And yes, you can expect to see the one eyebrow baby too.