The Polish Brothers’ Oz Teaser Trailer

Wizard of Oz

Anyone ever see Northfork?  Well it is pretty great (Ebert called it “a masterpiece”, and James Woods is in it, so that’s all you need right there) and the duo behind it are The Polish Brothers (Mark Polish and Michael Polish). The identical twin siblings are at it again with this teaser and little to no information for Oz.

Hollywood has a lot going on with the Wizard of Oz sequels, prequels, reboots and re-imaginings. Earlier this week it was confirmed that Sam Raimi had signed on to direct the Wizard of Oz prequel Oz The Great and Powerful starring Robert Downey Jr. It has been previously rumored  that Drew Barrymore is planning to direct a Wizard of Oz sequel titled Surrender Dorothy.

Watch the teaser trailer for Oz after the jump, and please leave your thoughts.  Looks like a prequel of sorts?