the expendables trailer is full of badassery

See that lens flare on the title banner?  I did that.  Why?  Because a trailer this kick ass deserves it.  Well it’s more of a promo…tromo?  Make it happen.  In this tromo we get a great look at what kind of action we are in for.  We get to see Drago looking more and more like Viggo.  Jet Li even tosses in some borderline racist comments.  I didn’t see any Stone Cold Stunners though.  Eric Roberts has some evil looking scenes in the movie much like he did in The Dark Knight; remember when Rourke called him out and told people to hire him?  Classic.  Seriously look at this cast, this must be for getting Rocky and Rambo right after so many years.  At 63 Stallone shows no signs of slowing down, he is giving us another Rambo and that long awaited Edgar Allan Poe movie might happen.  Keep them coming Sly, for evermore.