The CoF Weekend Preview: Who Knew Baseball and Math Could Be Entertaining?

money ball

Welcome to The CoF Weekend Preview where we take a look at what’s going on this weekend in entertainment. Check back Monday for The City Strip. Don’t forget to check out the The City of Films Fall & Holiday Movie Guide to see what else is coming out over the next few weeks and months.

MoneyballIMDBRT (94%)

With names like Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sokin on your script, you don’t have too much work to do to make a great movie I assume.  Bennett Miller (Capote) has a hit on his hand by the sounds of it, but will non-sports fans flock to the theater to see this one?

AbductionIMDBRT (6%)

I was following this movie for a few days on Rotten Tomatoes where I swear it had a 0% rating; I was so excited to share that.  Then some attention whores came by and “liked” the movie.  Film analysis is still confused as to who this movie is for; guys don’t like Lautner – but like action, girls like Lautner – but don’t like action, so says the old man in a suit.  Ears will bleed either way.

Killer EliteIMDB RT (26%)

Another tough-guy movie for all you tough-guys out there.  Clive Owen’s name in the movie is Spike, and his mustache looks like this.

Dolphin TaleIMDBRT (85%)

In this movie, everyone dressed in Old Navy clothes try to give a tale to a Dolphin.  Kris Kristofferson and Harry Connick Jr. are involved.  I’ll stop right there.


Machine Gun PreacherPuncturePearl Jam Twenty


Real Time with Bill Maher – Guest include Ron Suskind, Tom Morello, John Avlon, Jane Harman and Michael Moore

Boardwalk Empire -We have shared a few teasers for this upcoming season, take a look.  It looks like they have another great season to share with us.

The Simpsons – Did you notice all of our Simpsons news as of late?  It’s because it’s back baby!

American Dad/Family Guy – Seth MacFarlane’s two shows worth mentioning.