The CoF Weekend Preview: Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd Together Again, Liveblogging The Oscars


Welcome to The CoF Weekend Preview, here is a look at what’s opening this weekend.  Check back Monday for a new City Strip.  There are a lot of great movies coming out this year, so we all picked Our Top 5 Movies To See In 2012 and listed other notable releases for you.

WanderlustRT (56%) – Trailer

For those scratching their heads, Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston were in The Object of My Affection in 1998 and a lot of episodes of Friends.  Take that to your next Trivial Pursuit night.  Wanderlust comes from David Wain (Roles Models, Wet Hot American Summer) and doesn’t look as funny.  Having said that, there are worse things that you could see this weekend, such as:


It’s like a prequel to every Ashley Judd movie with Amanda Seyfried playing young Judd.

Act of ValorRT (27%) – Trailer

The most expensive recruiting video ever made?

Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds – RT (33%) – Trailer

I didn’t know this existed until today, good to see a man swooping in to take care a  single mother, a strong message.  It’s like Pretty Woman, but without a good soundtrack.


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