The CoF Presents: Our Favorite Batman Movie Moments (part 2 of 2)


Arguably the greatest comic hero of all time, Batman has an impressive track record that quite frankly would be too long for the Internet to handle. So with The Dark Knight Rises release growing ever so close, we have put together some of our favorite Batman movie moments from all of the feature films. Do you have a favorite moment that didn’t make the list? You probably do, so let us know about it in the comments below.  *Spoilers Herein*

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The Riddler Joygasm (Batman Forever – 1995)


Jim Carrey as the Riddler in a Christopher Nolan Batman movie today would be pretty great I think, this younger and more hyper version was still a lot of fun to watch as a kid.  When Riddler goes mental in the Batcave, it was enough to make my blood boil that’s for sure.  It’s easy to see that Jim Carrey had a lot of fun and likely watched a lot of Frank Gorshin tapes for the role too.  Click the image to watch it on YouTube or click here.


You’re counting on the winged avenger to deliver you from evil, aren’t you? (Batman Forever – 1995)

Tommy Lee Jones chews up every scene he’s in as the Two-Face, but it’s this haunting and telling opening game he plays with a hostage that we remember most. Click the image to watch it on YouTube or click here.

I don’t have to save you (Batman Begins – 2005)

It is with that line that the Batman movie universe as we know it changed forever. The life of Ra’s al Ghul could have been saved by the caped crusader, it’s his job right? The vigilante style that many craved for from Batman was shown here in a spectacular way.

The Interrogation (The Dark Knight – 2008)

With no special effects and basic lighting, Christopher Nolan pulled off what is sure to be a classic scene in movie history. Batman alone in a room with the super villain Joker, saying it gets a little physical is an understatement.

Hello Nurse (The Dark Knight – 2008)

Joker is pretty well known in any version of the Batman series to play with disguises. It was a pleasure to see Joker here dressed as a nurse, and he makes the greatest exit a villain can make by blowing up a hospital.

Death of Robin (Batman: Under the Red Hood – 2010)

This is some pretty dark stuff right here. Under the Red Hood is based on the Batman storylines A Death in the Family and Under the Hood, here Joker abducts Jason Todd (Robin #2 after Dick Grayson went solo as Nightwing) and mercilessly beats the tar out of him, leaving him for dead. It’s a great movie for fans of Batman lore and a darker story.

BONUS! Joel Schumacher apologizes (Batman & Robin – 1997)

We just had to put this in. Forgive him?

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