Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson Talk 3D, Will Studios Listen?

3dsucksMoviegoers are often torn trying to decide if 3D is worth it or not.  It has high ticket prices and it’s used most of the time as a gimmick, wasn’t filmed for 3D (post conversion) and takes away from the movie going experience all around.  I digress because Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson have something to say about it all.

During the press conference for The Adventures of Tintin, Spielberg and Jackson talked about 3D, a lot of it is the standard argument but worth hearing again for those on the fence.  I can’t argue about it anymore, so I’ll let the leaders do it for me.

Here’s what they had to say:

Steven Spielberg
“I’m certainly hoping that 3D gets to the point where people do not notice it because once they stop noticing it it just becomes another tool and an aid to help tell a story. Then maybe they can make the ticket prices comparable to a 2D movie and not charge such exorbitant prices just to gain entry into a 3D one, with the exception of IMAX, where we are getting a premium experience in a premium environment, but to show a 3D movie in a similar theater in a multiplex next to another similar theater showing a 2D movie hoping someday there will be so many 3D movies that the point of purchase prices can come down which I think would be fair to the consumer.

Not every movie, in my opinion, should be in 3D. There’s a lot of stories I wouldn’t shoot in 3D. But, you know, there are movies that are perfect in 3D. I think the last great 3D movie I saw that really enhanced the experience for me, you’ll have to excuse me for mentioned a film I co-produced, it was the last Transformers which I think is the most amazing 3D experience I’ve seen since Avatar. But, 3D needs a trained eye. It can’t be done by everybody. People who just do 3D just for the sake of commercializing their movie another five or six percent and they don’t know really how to do it, they should care how to do it better by bringing other directors and collaborators into their lives to help teach and instruct how you really make a 3D movie because it’s not just like putting a new lens on a camera and forgetting it. It takes a lot of very careful consideration. It will change your approach to where you put the cameras. So, 3D isn’t for everybody.”

Peter Jackson
“After ‘Avatar,’ it survived as this experience worthy of higher prices, but audiences know that there are good movies in 3D and there are bad movies in 3D. And they can see a movie that’s just as bad in 3D as it is in 2D. It’s starting to backfire a little bit. With the right movie it can make a good film great and a great film amazing. But the price issue needs to be addressed…it’s just another step forward. The audiences have now come to realize that there are bad movies that can be in 3D as well and on top of that you being charged an extra $5 to see a movie that was as bad as one you saw in 2D. [The increased ticket prices] are starting to backfire a little bit.”

It’s nice hearing the views of respected talent such as these two take shots at something so heavily debated in the film industry.  As I said earlier, I just don’t have the strength to talk about 3D a lot anymore.  I don’t like it and I have to believe it will fade away and be used for a few releases a year.  I have to believe that, otherwise I don’t sleep.