Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Getting Adapted by Harry Potter Director David Yates

the-standSo here we are again talking about yet another Stephen King classic that is getting a big screen adaptation.  Just last month Ryan told us that The Dark Tower, another King epic, wasn’t going to be happening anytime soon, so why bother trusting it will happen with The Stand?  Well, it’s not so much about believing this will happen, but damn do we want it to.

With Harry Potter behind them, the team of director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves are reportedly set to reunite for a big screen version of the Stephen King saga The Stand. According to HitFix, the duo is closing deals to bring The Stand to screen as a multi-film adaptation for Warner Bros., the same studio behind the Potter franchise.

You might recall that King’s epic was a 1994 TV miniseries starring Gary Sinise that again fell short of living up to expectations when it comes to a true adaptation of King’s work.  Do people know that his work is adult oriented, thus a feature film should play that way too?  Let’s hope they get this right along with that IT movie that is said to be happening.  Check out the plot for The Stand over here.