Ron Perlman Returns as Hellboy to Make A Wish Come True


Ron Perlman reprised the role of Hellboy for Make-A-Wish, putting on the costume and iconic red makeup to help make the wish of a little boy named Zachary.

According to Spectral Motion, the special effects company behind the Hellboy look,  Zachary not only wanted to meet Hellboy, but become Hellboy as well.  You can see the process below in some of the pictures.

On their Facebook page, Spectral Motion said Perlman ordered a giant meal of burgers, shakes and fries, a la Hellboy.  Perlman, who currently stars in FX’s Sons of Anarchy said he’d do Hellboy 3 if director Guillermo del Toro was on board.

FYI: The makeup process for the film took about four hours.