Quentin Tarantino’s Next a Spaghetti Western With Christoph Waltz, Sounds About Right

quentinRecently at the the LA Italia Festival, actor Franco Nero talked to reporters and got people listening when he mentioned Quentin Tarantino‘s name.  He was talking about his next project saying “The film will be called The Angel, The Bad, and The Wise and is a tribute to Sergio Leone. It’s a movie that contains humor, lots of action, but also a great plot. We have already been signed by a dozen people who will be part of project. Among the filmmakers involved include Quentin Tarantino , Keith Carradine, Treat Williams, fifteen people in all Americans who want to do this movie and so we are trying to produce it outside of Italy.”

According to updates from around the web [AICN], this title might be wrong (lost in translation).  I wouldn’t take any QT news regarding his next film seriously until I was standing in line with a ticket, even then I would be hesitant.  The man is known to sit on ideas for a very long time, as for this spaghetti Western starring  Christoph Waltz, let’s hope it doesn’t take eight years.  Tarantino likes to be authentic so I imagine he could get a lot of Italian talent on set, that and Treat Williams!