Promo for Louie, With Louis CK And Ricky Gervais

Louis CKAfter the jump there is a short promo for Louis CK’s new show coming to FX this June, LOUIERicky Gervais lends his guest appearing skills [he was in Alias] to show, that seems to be a blend of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.  So only good things can happen with this.  CK’s last show ‘Lucky Louie‘ was short-lives on HBO but is crazy funny and I recommend picking up the series on DVD.

LOUIE will star C.K. as a newly divorced father raising his two daughters in New York City.  The network has ordered 13 episodes of the series, which will begin airing on June 29, 2010.  Louis C.K. is writing, directing, editing, producing and starring in the upcoming series.  The series will be loosely based on C.K.’s life, and will blend his stand-up material with extended autobiographical comedy short films depicting moments of his off-stage experiences.  Louis C.K. said the show would be different than typical comedy shows. Production was set to begin in November 2009. Louis C.K. said of his show, “It’s very vignette-y. It’s very vérité. All those French words. I use ’em all.” The pilot episode is to include two stories: one involving a bad date, and another involving Louie volunteering at his kids’ school.