New Trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, “Your punishment must be more severe”


Warner Bros. has given us all a treat in the form of a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, “the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.”  I’ve heard a few spoilers about the movie in the past few weeks (not by choice) and it still hasn’t soured this hype for me, this is going to be historic folks.

We get a lot more Bane destroying Gotham, Catwoman whispering threats and hints of an inevitable end of an era.  What a ride it has been with these Batman movies, the sendoff off here should be fitting.

The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20.


The conclusion of the trilogy is going to be epic you don’t want to miss it. Click on the logo to head to Fandango where you can get your tickets to the opening night of The Dark Knight Rises.

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