My Favorite Movie Dad


Guido Orefice with his Son Giosué

It’s Father’s Day and just as I did before with Mother’s Day post, I would like to do the same here and give tribute to one of the great movie Dad’s of our time. My favorite movie Dad is Guido Orefice (played by Roberto Benigni) in Life is Beautiful, one of the best films about the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Guido takes it upon himself to save his son Giosué’s life along with his innocence by convincing him that everything that is happening around them is a game. When Nazis beat Guido to near death, he convinces his son it’s is all part of the game. His son loves it, often with a smile on his face; he can’t wait for him and his father to win the special prize.

As far as his son knows, the concentration camp was created just for him and his father to play. Guido’s perseverance to maintain his son innocence throughout the film shows his selfless love and desire for his family to live.

If you have a special Dad in your life, let him know it, happy Father’s Day.