My Favorite Blog, Obviously


Read Ricky’s thoughts on his upcoming movies, visits to restaurants and round-headed friends.

Bookmark it, and check it out daily.

Ricky Gervais has been writing his blog for years now.  He talks about personal and business related events in his life, giving us a look at the most intimate of career transitions.  He also talks about what he had to eat the night before, he is quick to correct what you may have read about him in the paper or trash news – the list goes on.

He lets us in on his current projects in TV and film well before you will read about it elsewhere (except CoF), and shares his tastes in movies and music.  It’s a blog I visit daily and can’t recommend it enough.



Follow him, and tweet that!

He once denounced the Twitter machine, but now has over 2.5M followers taking in his 140 character or less tweets hourly (he tweets a lot).  He’s quick and entertaining, honest and blunt.

Personally, I don’t like Twitter; there are just too many brain farts that don’t need to be said.  Gervais has found a way to make it entertaining, you have to respect that.