Great Full-Length Trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER


One of my most anticipated movies of the year is writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master.  It’s a movie to be excited about that’s for sure; if not just for the fact that Anderson also brought us There Will Be Blood, Punch-Drunk Love, Magnolia, and Boogie Nights, not a bad track record right?

The film stars Philip Seymour Hoffman as World War II veteran Lancaster Dodd, who’s haunted by his experiences and decides to form his own religion.  Joaquin Phoenix returns to real movies to play a drifter who becomes Lancaster’s “right-hand man”.  There’s already a lot of talk about the move that has some very obvious aims at Scientology, more obvious now in this trailer.

Interesting to note that Anderson has shown Tom Cruise a cut of the film (Cruise got a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Magnolia).  The two are friends, and Anderson well aware of the fire storm this is going to cause (especially with those who will never see the film…sigh) decided to perhaps settle people down before the tabloids get it wrong.  It’s been said that Cruise had issues with some of what he saw, what those issues are we may never know.

Joaquin Phoenix looks just excellent in this trailer, a haunting performance just from the select scenes presented.  Philip Seymour Hoffman too, the guy is a force.  If you were curious as to why the film looks “different”, it may be because Anderson shot the movie in 65mm, which as you can see looks awesome.

The Master opens on October 12th, watch the trailer below:

FYI: Are you a glass half empty or full kinda of person?  Click the banner for the full poster.