Five Things About Being a Movie Collector That Make Me Mad

Five Things About Being a Movie Collector That Make Me Mad

I love movies, so naturally I love buying movies on DVD or Blu-ray and watching them at home.  I  also love re-organizing all the movies on my shelves.  Every so often I’ll take them all down and organize them chronologically, or alphabetically, or by genre. I consider that to be a fun activity.  Sad, I know.

In the past, I used to buy quite a lot of DVD’s.  It actually got to be a bit of a habit so in order to save money I went cold turkey.  Nowadays I refrain all year long and then splurge a bit on Boxing Day sales.  There are a few exceptions though.  Wink.

So even though I’m not out there every Tuesday, I still consider myself a collector and in the years I’ve been collecting…these are the things that make me mad!


1. Stickers That Won’t Come Off.

I don’t understand why stickers are sometimes put inside the plastic wrap directly on the cover.  It’s…annoying to say the least.  Sometimes the stickers are those lovely ones that peel right off, you know the ones. The other times…you start to pull, it rips immediately, and you groan knowing that it’s one of those; the ones that take forever to scrape off and even when you do get them off…they leave behind that faint sticky residue that lasts forever.

2. Digital Copies/Ultraviolet/Etc.

Digital Copy
Some people actually have use for these and if you’re one of those people, way to go.  Myself however…I don’t get it at all.  It’s an extra disc taking up space and it’s usually advertised in a big ugly banner across the top of the packaging.  No thank you.  I know a lot of collectors actually just toss or sell this disc.

Another thing that annoys me, or would if I used them, is that assuming you want to use the digital copy and you purchase a film that’s been out for a few years…the digital copy has already expired.  You’re paying for something you can’t use.  Pointless.

I know the industry is slowing moving towards being primarily digital, but the day they stop manufacturing a physical product is most likely the day I stop collecting.  I really don’t want my entire collection reduced to a tiny black box on my TV.  I want to display them, I want to hold them, I want to admire the packaging.  I know there are many people with the same mindset as myself and sometimes I wonder, are we standing in the way of progress or are we right to want to hang onto physical media?

3. These Locking Tabs.

DVD Tabs
These don’t so much make me mad as they do confuse me.  I really don’t understand the point of them…it’s not like the case won’t lock without them.  You shut it…and it’s shut…but wait…you have to lock these two little tabs into place as well?  What’s the point?

4. Store Specific Extras.

Store Specific Extras
While I am a DVD/Blu-ray collector, I am not one who buys multiple versions of the same film.  Even if I had the money I really don’t see the point of having twenty slightly different versions of the same film.  So these store specific extra deals always annoy me.  Sometimes it’s just a figurine or other promotional item, but other times they actually have bonus features that other stores do not.  You’re telling me if I want all the material I have to go buy this from Best Buy and Futureshop and Walmart?  It would be infinitely better if the “Special Edition” included ALL the material wouldn’t it?  You’d piss people off a lot less and everyone would be happy.  However, this method obviously brings in the dough so what do I know.

5. French/English Packaging.

English & French
Since I’m from Canada our DVD/Blu-rays (and most everything) have to include both English and French on the packaging.  Now keep in mind that I’m not resentful about this for any cultural reasons.  I love being a Canadian, I love that we’re bi-lingual.  It’s simply a matter of composition and aesthetics for me.

I love good cover art, I enjoy looking through my collection and admiring some of my more unique pieces.  However having a piece of art, I won’t say ruined because that seems too harsh but, compromised…isn’t pleasing.  You know the composition wasn’t made with the addition of more text in mind so it tends to throw everything off.  Not to mention the titles on the spine seem cluttered because it needs to accommodate both versions.

The solution seems simple…reversible packaging.  One side English, one side French.  I’m sure it goes the other way as well, even worse in fact, for French speaking Canadians to have the English words looming large.  This seems like an easy fix and yet I’ve only come across one or two DVD’s that have gone this route.


Now fellow collectors, I ask you: what makes you mad?