First Trailer For Sundance Documentary THE IMPOSTER


The first trailer for The Imposter will leave you with a lot of questions, it’s tells the true story of one of the strangest cases of identity theft you might ever come across.  In documentary and dramatization style, it tells the story of a family whose son went missing from San Antonio, Texas, only to apparently turn up three years later in Spain.  Even though he had brown eyes and a French accent, the imposter convinced the family that he was their blue-eyed son who had disappeared three years previously.

The Imposter in question is Frédéric Bourdi nicknamed “The Chameleon”, you can Google him for more on the story.  If you’re like me, you may want to wait it out for this intriguing docudrama, it’s been getting really great reviews out of Sundance.

The film was recently acquired for distribution and will receive a theatrical release later this year.

UPDATE: The producers of the film have asked that we remove the trailer, we will post the official trailer asap.

UPDATE #2: Let’s try this again, watch the trailer below: