Eastbound & Down Season 2, Mexico Edition

Ana de la Reguera

Schwing batta batta schwing

Deadline got their hands on some exclusive details regarding the second season of HBO’s Eastbound & Down, finally is all I have to say.  But here’s more anyways:

The setting will move from North Carolina to Mexico, with Michael Pena (Dennis from Observe and Report, who you might recall fled America in a raffle car for Mexico) and Ana de la Reguera (the Nun from Nacho Libre) are joining the cast. In the first season finale, former professional baseball pitcher Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) quit his physical ed teaching job for an offer to join the Tampa Bay Rays but, after the offer fell through, he dumped his girlfriend and was last seen driving away with a worried look on his face. In Season 2, hiding from his problems, Kenny finds himself in Mexico where he joins a local baseball team.

Pena will play Kenny’s friend and owner of the baseball team he joins. De la Reguera will play Kenny’s love interest in Mexico.  Casting is underway for the role of Kenny’s father (just put Will Ferrell in makeup). Production starts next month!  It’s really happening!