DJANGO UNCHAINED Trailer: Very Tarantino and Very Awesome


It’s finally here, our first look at Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, his first feature since Inglourious Basterds. It’s everything you would expect: bloody, funny, and accompanied by a great soundtrack. His films often divide people (many I know were annoyed by Basterds) but if you ask me, he still offers something completely different from what’s playing any day or year in the theater.

With his latest Django Unchained Christoph Waltz plays a bounty hunter out to kill a group of masked, slave-running brothers. The only man to have seen their faces is a slave named Django (Jamie Foxx), who agrees to help the bounty hunter in exchange for both his freedom, and the rescue of his wife from evil plantation owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).

It’s great to see DiCaprio in a role that doesn’t require him to have lost a wife and cry (Inception, Shutter Island, Revolutionary Road), he’s going to steal the show I bet.  The film also stars Samuel L. Jackson, M.C. Gainey, Walton Goggins, Garrett Dillahunt, Dennis Christopher, Gerald McRaney, Laura Cayouette, Don Johnson,and Tom Savini.

Django Unchained opens on December 25th.