COMPLIANCE Trailer, You’re Going to Yell at the Screen

complianceCompliance is based on a true story, keep that in mind here.  You can read about the true story all over the Internet, here’s a link.

The movie involves employees at a fast food joint who listen to everything a caller claiming to be a police officer tells them to do.  I can already tell it’s going to make me angry, just like the true story did.  The movie looks creepy as hell, the shots of french-fry grease was just genius.  Compliance opens August 17th.

Becky and Sandra aren’t the best of friends. Sandra is a middle-aged manager at a fast-food restaurant; Becky is a teenaged counter girl who really needs the job. One stressful day a police officer calls, accusing Becky of stealing money from a customer’s purse, which she denies. Sandra, overwhelmed by her managerial responsibilities, complies with the officer’s orders to detain Becky. This choice begins a nightmare that tragically blurs the lines between expedience and prudence, legality and reason.