CoF Weekend Preview: Spider-Man Got a Reboot After 10 Years, Just Sayin’


Welcome to The CoF Weekend Preview, here is a look at what’s opening this weekend and don’t forget to check out the City of Films SUMMER MOVIE GUIDE so you can plan your summer movie experience. See you here Monday for a new City Strip and thank you for listening to the The City of Films Show Series 2 Episode 1, if you haven’t yet, here it is.

The Amazing Spider-Man (opened July 3) – RT (73%) – CoF

Spider-Man 2 is one of the greatest superhero movies ever made.  I’ll gladly debate that with anyone.  I don’t expect The Amazing Spider-Man to wow me, but it has a lot going for it, namely the ability to erase damage done from Spider-Man 3.  Andrew Garfield is great, Emma Stone and Dennis Leary are there too – it could be watchable.  How’s that for a poster tagline? “It could be watchable” –

SavagesRT (52%) – CoF

Welcome back Oliver Stone, word has it you made another dark and brutal movie again, good for you.  Also love the bad guys vs. bad guys set up, it’s going to be bloody.  Preachy too I bet; Stone fights the war on drugs through his work sometimes if you hadn’t noticed.

Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D (July 5) – RT (78%) – CoF

She annoys me; I’m just going to put that out there right away.  I don’t enjoy her voice, music, and in interviews she’s insufferable; always trying to be funny when it’s not called for.  We get it, men like tight dresses.