Bone Chilling Trailer For Stephen King’s ‘Bag of Bones’ Miniseries

October 14th, 2011 by Graham McMorrow


What is it about little girls that can be so creepy?  If you don’t know what I’m going on about, A&E has released the first teaser trailer for the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones for you to watch below. The two-part mini series was directed by Mick Garris (Sleepwalkers, The Stand), and is set to air on Sunday, December 11th and Monday, December 12th.

The series stars Pierce Brosnan, Melissa George, Annabeth Gish, Anika Noni Rose, Matt Frewer and Jason Priestly.

Bag of Bones is the story of grief and lost love’s enduring bonds, an innocent child caught in a terrible crossfire and a new love haunted by past secrets. Bestselling novelist Mike Noonan, played by Pierce Brosnan, is unable to stop grieving after the sudden death of his wife Jo. A dream inspires him to return to the couple’s lakeside retreat in western Maine where he becomes involved in a custody battle between the daughter of an attractive young widow and the child’s enormously wealthy grandfather, the mysterious ghostly visitations, the ever-escalating nightmares and the realization that his late wife still has something to tell him.

Watch the trailer trailer below:

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2 Responses to “Bone Chilling Trailer For Stephen King’s ‘Bag of Bones’ Miniseries”

  1. Niclas says:

    I have several Books and would like to find out value of Collection of Stephen king hardcover books.

    • Ryan says:

      He has a lot of books, the full hardcover collection would be pretty valuable. The library is definitely your friend when picking up one of his. However, I chose to buy The Stand as it is so huge (over 1000 pages) and would have had to renew it several times just to finish. Worth buying for sure.

      I will be curious to see how the movie version of this one turns out. Hopefully better than the made for tv series. Graham reported on the new production today, check it out: