Best Picture Nominees HUGO and THE ARTIST Share ‘The Magic of’ and ‘Silent Bloopers’


Two Best Picture nominees each have a video worth your time below, I named Hugo the best film of 2011 but The Artist wouldn’t be far behind.  One of them is sure to win the top award come Oscar night and it would be just fine with me either way.

The studio behind Hugo has released a six-minute featurette titled “The Magic of Hugo,” which goes behind the scenes with Scorsese, editor Thelma Schoonmaker, production designer Dante Ferretti, producer Graham King, visual effects supervisor Robert Legato, composer Howard Shore, and stars Ben Kingsley and Sacha Baron Cohen to discuss the project.

Also, The folks behind The Artist share with us a blooper reel from production, and you may have guess it already, but it’s silent.  Enjoy both below: