Watch these 50-Minute Actors and Actresses Roundtable Discussions


One of my favorite annual events is the THR Roundtable series and this year is no exception. We are sharing with you below some fascinating conversation involving some of the year’s best actors and actresses. It’s nice to see candid conversation from some of these folks including Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game), Michael Keaton (Birdman),

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Paramount has released the first Terminator Genisys trailer for director Alan Taylor’s (Thor: The Dark World) new entry in the franchise. The story begins just like the original film, as future John Connor (Jason Clarke) in a war-ravaged 2029 sends his loyal soldier, Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to save his mother (Emilia

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BOND 24 Title and Cast Revealed!


Filming on the latest James Bond movie is about to begin and the official title and cast has just been revealed. It was an event held to commence the beginning of the latest adventure, the same way they introduced us to Skyfall. Bond 24 is officially called Spectre, director Sam Mendes revealed today from the

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HBO Orders Martin Scorsese’s Untitled Rock ‘n’ Roll Show to Series


Martin Scorsese’s long talked about rock ‘n’ roll show that has been moving along since 2010 is finally ready to move forward at HBO. The network put in a series order for the drama, which will star Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire, Blue Jasmine). Martin Scorsese is set to direct the pilot episode and will serve

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The Official Synopsis for Josh Trank’s FANTASTIC FOUR


Josh Trank’s (Chronicle) Fantastic Four will hit theaters next year and while we have seen a few of the F4 movies already, they’re giving it another go with some young blood. Now a synopsis for the film has hit the web check it out and try not to cringe when they say “contemporary re-imagining” as

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SUICIDE SQUAD Cast Officially Confirmed; Jared Leto is The Joker, Will Smit...


After months of rumors and negotiations, Warner Bros. has officially confirmed its Suicide Squad. Written and directed by Fury director David Ayer Suicide Squad revolves around a team of supervillains who work for the U.S. government, undertaking dangerous black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences. I didn’t follow this storyline at all but

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The Box Office: Mockingjay Stays On Top


The long Thanksgiving weekend brought in some nice numbers for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay once again leaving newcomer Horrible Bosses 2 well below expectations. Mockingjay brought in an estimated $56.8 million for the three-day weekend and brought its domestic total over $225 million. That left little to no attention for the weekend’s new releases of

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Fun With Short Films – The Shift


Set in suburban 1964, Joe arrives home expecting his wife, Betty, to have dinner on the table. Well lets just say that this is anything but an ordinary day. As the story progresses and the mystery unfolds – Joe has to come face to face with a dire situation. Does that sound vague? Certainly –

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Here is the trailer, watch it! We will have our thoughts up soon. Update: First of all, wow, I got those special Star Wars feelings all over again.  We don’t see much (although we see a lot more than I thought we would) but what’s there looks beautiful, mysterious, and definitely Star Wars.  I’m sure

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