Richard Attenborough Has Died at Age 90


Richard Attenborough, the Oscar-winning director and legendary actor, passed away today at the age of 90. His notable director duties include A Chorus Line, Chaplin, Shadowlands, Cry Freedom and Gandhi; whilehis best known acting roles for this generation are probably John Hammond in Jurassic Park and Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street. At the

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George R.R. Martin Took The Ice Bucket Challenge; Winter is Here!


Is he mad! He has books to write! What if he catches a cold now? This guy I tell you. Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin took a break from killing literary characters and joined the millions of celebrities with his own ice bucket challenge. It’s all for a good cause so you can’t

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Cool Infographic: Marvel vs. DC Movie Release Schedule


Reddit user EricSmedbron created this helpful infographic showing off the upcoming slate of superhero movies from Marvel vs. DC Comics. We posted about their respective releases and it leaves a lot to the imagination of when the UNTITLED movies are coming and what title they will eventually have. For more information on the upcoming releases,

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Enter Our LIFE OF CRIME Giveaway


To celebrate the release of Life Of Crime (coming to theaters, on demand and iTunes August 29th 2014), we’re giving away a $15 Fandango gift card to one lucky reader! Life of Crime is a new caper comedy from legendary author Elmore Leonard starring Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, Will Forte and Isla Fisher. Here’s the

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Weekend Preview: That Right There is a Dame to Kill For…


Welcome to the weekend preview! Check out what’s happening this weekend and decide what you’re going to do, we can only help so much. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook because my mom says those are cool.  If you’re looking to find out what’s on for the rest of the summer, check out our COF

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Steven Spielberg Is Developing a MINORITY REPORT TV Series


One of Steven Spielberg‘s greatest achievements was his 2002 sci-fi thriller Minority Report; it is also my favorite Tom Cruise movie while we’re really talking here. Now Spielberg is developing a Minority Report TV series says The Wrap. Minority Report was based on a Philip K. Dick short story about a PreCrime unit, preventing crimes

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Shane Black Resurrects Remo Williams; Will Direct THE DESTROYER


Shane Black is one of the hottest directors in town after the $1.5 billion-grossing Iron Man 3 so obviously there is no shortage of projects coming his way. Black is attached to co-write and direct Doc Savage, which is an adaptation of a series of pulp novels that focus on an adventuresome hero in the

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Jake Gyllenhaal Channels Patrick Bateman in the New NIGHTCRAWLER Trailer


In the thriller Nightcrawler Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, a driven young man desperate for work who falls into the depths of L.A. crime journalism, and by the looks of things begins covering the news and making it. Gyllenhaal looks like he’s gone full Bateman here from American Psycho, that’s what it reminded me of anyways.

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