THE X-FILES: First Photos of Mulder and Scully Back in Action


The X-Files revival series is currently filming and now we have a better look at our favorite detectives. EW has provided images featuring stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, new characters played by Joel McHale and Annet Mehendru, as well as behind the scenes looks at the sets, scripts, and creative team. Series creator Chris

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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Synopsis Revealed, Plus New Trailer


AMC’s companion series to The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, has an official synopsis for us today. No Walkers though; just more characters in fear. It’s a good tease and a way to introduce us to the main characters, but I do look forward to seeing them soon. Here’s the official synopsis for AMC’s

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Calling All Online Services, Hannibal Has Been Cancelled


Hannibal is three episodes into its third season on NBC and the network has announced that they’ve cancelled the series. It will finish it’s season run this as scheduled but won’t be picked up again. The show has been a critical favorite with a cult following since it’s shaky beginnings and will likely continue that

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First FARGO Season 2 Teaser Trailer


FX’s anthology series Fargo returns this year and while this teaser trailer won’t tell you what’s going down this season, it certainly raises questions. Like, what does that bird really know? The first season was a great work of TV art that captured the Coen brothers’ original film’s essence perfectly. Season 2 goes back to

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THE LEFTOVERS Season 2 Trailer Brings About Change


HBO has released the first trailer for the second season of The Leftovers, and if you watched the first season you’ll see just how different are this time around. One of the reasons for the change of course has to do with the material (the book it’s based on) was all used up in the

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Picture: THE X-FILES Starts Shooting; Mulder and Scully Reunited


It’s actually happening, The X-Files is officially shooting and David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are in Vancouver right now as Mulder and Scully. Fantastic! The header image was the first tease sent out, showing they have indeed started this revival series of episodes. We also have the first image from Fox showing Chris Carter behind

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New True Detective Season Two Promos


HBO has dropped two new True Detective promos that unsurprisingly do a lot in the short run times. Everyone in the cast seems to be battling demons which we will be privy to later this month.  I have to say too, Vince Vaughn as a scumbag works for me. No more “comedies” with your friend

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7 DAYS IN HELL: Andy Samberg and Kit Harrington are Tennis Rivals


HBO brings us the first teaser for their upcoming “tennis-rivalry mockumentary”, 7 Days in Hell. It will look at the fictional tournament that had Andy Samberg‘s Aaron Williams against Kit Harington‘s Charles Poole. The trailer looks funny enough, for an HBO movie, and director Jake Szymanski (SNL, Funny or Die) has enlisted some tennis greats

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Secret Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig Lifetime Movie to Air June 20


You might have heard about Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig’s “secret” Lifetime movie by now, but if you haven’t, here is a quick recap: Ferrell and Wiig made a Lifetime movie called A Deadly Adoption and didn’t tell anyone about it. It was revealed last month that the movie was happening and the pair quickly

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NBC Universal To Air JURASSIC PARK On All Its Networks Next Weekend


With Jurassic World just two weeks away, and nostalgia running high, it’s no wonder why NBC and company would want to spread the excitement. That’s why all of the channels that exist under the “NBCUniversal umbrella” will air a special presentation of the original Jurassic Park next weekend! If there is one thing that can

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