BATMAN V SUPERMAN Images; Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Jesse Eisenberg


By now you have seen the teaser trailer for Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated Man of Steel follow-up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If that wasn’t enough for you perhaps some images from the movie will help you out. One of which shows Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne and Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince getting real close

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Cut To The Chase Review – Jurassic World


Cut To The Chase Reviews from COF are spoiler free reviews abridged for your pleasure. Quick, concise, and sometimes entertaining opinions on the go! I would like to share a very short story with you all. In 1993 I was 8 years old and a movie trailer appeared on my TV for a fantastic dinosaur

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Book Review: The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road


The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road author Abbie Bernstein has put together concept art, production stills, behind-the-scenes photos, cast and crew interviews, and more, from George Miller’s action masterpiece. It was all drawn by Brendan McCarthy, Peter Pound, and Mark Sexton; the art dates back to the mid-’90s, before a script had been written

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Cut To The Chase Review – MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Is a Post-Apocalyptic Ma...


Cut To The Chase Reviews from COF are spoiler free reviews abridged for your pleasure. Quick, concise, and sometimes entertaining opinions on the go! Everything about Mad Max: Fury Road is perfect. The spiritual sequel’s performances (Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy own it), screenplay, choreography, stunts, humor and direction are just masterful. This is a

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Book Review: The Art and Making of Penny Dreadful


PENNY DREADFUL is a psychological thriller that weaves together classic horror origin stories into adult drama. The Showtime TV series was created by John Logan and executive produced by Logan and Sam Mendes and stars Josh Hartnett (Sin City), Eva Green (Casino Royale), Billie Piper (Doctor Who) and Timothy Dalton (License to Kill). While I’ve

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Book Review – Chappie: The Art of the Movie


Neill Blomkamp‘s Chappie will likely come out of 2015 as one of the year’s most interesting movies. It’s no surprise it either divided audiences or didn’t find any. Like Blomkamp’s last film, Elysium, we are once again dealing with an attention to detail, effort and craft that gives more life into the project. It’s all

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Book Review – Big Eyes: The Film, The Art


The movie Big Eyes from Tum Burton has won a lot of awards since its December 2014 release and for good reason. The team behind the film (11 years in the making), led by iconic filmmaker Tim Burton, includes a cast with Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. It tells the story of Margaret and Walter

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Fun With Short Films – ISOLATED


While watching Isolated I was immediately asking myself one question – why can’t animated features be this beautiful? It is the story of Ivan, a man who awakens in a wrecked taxi with no recollection of where he is and how he got there. The next few minutes are spent following Ivan as he uncovers

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Convergence Movie Preview


Happy New Year Citizens! 2015 is freshly upon us with tons of fantastic films to look forward to watching! Part of the fun isn’t just the big blockbusters, and of that there are plenty. I really take a lot of enjoyment in new and unique independent films. Convergence fits the mold perfectly as it is

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