THROWBACK TRAILERS Presents: Magnolia, Back to the Future, The Truman Show


Welcome to Throwback Trailers! We are turning back the hands of cinematic time to relive some classic movie trailers. Spanning generations and genres, TBT will be sure to find a touch of nostalgia that everyone can enjoy.  MAGNOLIA (1999) Released: December 17, 1999 Budget: $37 million Worldwide Gross: $48.5 million Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia remains

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BATMAN V SUPERMAN Images; Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Jesse Eisenberg


By now you have seen the teaser trailer for Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated Man of Steel follow-up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If that wasn’t enough for you perhaps some images from the movie will help you out. One of which shows Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne and Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince getting real close

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Official STEVE JOBS Trailer; “Artists lead and hacks ask for a show o...


Here is the first official trailer for director Danny Boyle’s upcoming drama Steve Jobs. Written by Aaron Sorkin, the film has only three scenes, each one the unveiling of a product Jobs (Michael Fassbender) created. I don’t think you could tell from the trailer that there are only three scenes, but if you know Sorkin’s

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CREED Trailer: Rocky Comes out of Retirement to Train Apollo’s Son


Warner Bros. and MGM Pictures have released the first trailer for Fruitvale Station writer/director Ryan Coogler’s Creed, another entry in the great Rocky franchise. The movie stars Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson, the son of world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. Adonis wants to follow in his father’s footsteps, so he heads to Philadelphia and

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Paul Feig Reveals GHOSTBUSTERS Uniforms and Proton Packs


Director Paul Feig has taken to social media to reveal some teaser images for his new Ghostbusters reboot. We have our first look at their costumes and the proton packs they will be using to bust said ghosts. This new proton pack is very similar to the original with a few cosmetic upgrades, but it’s

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Watch the Bittersweet Trailer for I AM CHRIS FARLEY Documentary


I grew up watching Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live and in his various big screen roles. I liked everything he did even if the material wasn’t all there (Beverly Hills Ninja). He was an explosive force of comedy and now nearly 20 years after his death, it still stings to think about. A new

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Here’s What’s Coming And Going From Netflix in July


It’s almost July and that means Netflix is about to give their content a refresh. Some of the notable titles leaving include: Super Troopers, Descent, and The Muppets take Manhattan. So if you haven’t seen some of these titles, plan your nights accordingly. We of course can look forward more than a few new titles

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Box Office: JURASSIC WORLD’s Third Win Takes it Past $500 Million


Pixar’s Inside Out narrowly missed taking Jurassic World out of the top spot this weekend; the Dinosaur adventure passed the $500 million dollar mark domestically as well. That’s impressive for many reasons, but especially in the summer during an aggressive season of new releases. Inside Out didn’t disappoint though, it brought in $52.1 million against

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