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As another year nears its end, another holiday season is upon us once again; imagine that. So that means that it’s time for our annual City of Films Christmas Gift Guide! If you’re looking for an idea for that certain movie fan in your life, we’ve got you covered. Inside you’ll find all sorts of movie related gifts as well as where you can find them. We hope at least one of these items gives you an idea for those hard to buy for individuals, so without further ado…let’s get to it!

Back to the Future Monopoly

Why it took this long for a BTTF Monopoly game is beyond me. This is a fully licensed version of the board game that is going to provides hours of fun as you collect locations and time-hop through the world of the BTTF trilogy! If you’re tired of the regular Monopoly, look no further: here you get all-new properties taken straight from the films, including Café ’80s and Doc’s Mansion, plus you get new “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards, as well as new die-cast metal game pieces of the time machine, Einstein the dog, the cowboy hat, the futuristic sneaker, the hoverboard, and the famous Hill Valley clock! The box even looks like a case of plutonium!

Cocktails of the Movies

Sometimes all you need is a good drink. What about a drink and a movie? Or how about a drink FROM a movie? Cocktails of the Movies is an illustrated book stuffed with 64 of the big screen’s most infamous alcoholic mixes. You can have Carrie Bradshaw’s Cosmopolitan, Malcolm McDowell’s A Clockwork Orange Moloko Plus, or even Marilyn Monroe’s infamous Manhattan from Some Like it Hot. I’m not even a big drinker and this appeals to me on many levels. Pull this out when you’re hosting your next party and you’ll be hoisted on shoulders you will.

Batman Multi-Tool

I would look silly with a utility belt around my waist, so here’s the next best thing I’m assuming. It is several tools in one Batman symbol shaped device. It’s has a key-chain, bottle opener in the middle, and screwdriver on each wing tip. You’re pretty much the Dark Knight himself with this bad boy. Note: Do not attempt to become the caped crusader with this tool, you will accomplish nothing.

Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History

Great Scott! This has to be the greatest visual history book ever put together. One of the most celebrated movie trilogies of all time gets the behind-the-scenes treatment in what looks to be one stylish (and licensed) guide. It goes behind the scenes to tell the complete story of the making of these hugely popular movies and how the adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown became an international phenomenon.

There are hundreds of never-before-seen images from all three movies, along with rare concept art, storyboards, and other visual treasures. It also includes exclusive interviews with key cast and crew members—including Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, and others. If you’re a fan of the films, you need to get this. Now.

Mad Max Anthology on Blu-ray

What really can be said about not only one of the best movies of the year packaged with the original trilogy that started it all? It’s just going to be great. You will have the original Mad Max Trilogy presented in their Blu-ray formats, Mad Max Fury Road in glorious 1080p, and a feature length documentary called The Madness of Max that is based on the creation of the original 1979 cult classic. It’s a 2hr 30min doc too – not one of these phoned in 15 minute featurettes. Also included are four art cards, one for each film. Frame them, love them.

Sphero BB-8 App Enabled Droid

Star Wars The Force Awakens is right around the corner and the marketing machine is in full swing. In the full trailers you will have noticed a new droid to join the likes of R2D2 and C3P0 in Star Wars lore – our friend BB-8! The hottest Star Wars toy of the holiday season is the remote control BB-8 droid. It’s so cool looking, and seems like a lot of fun. Had my son been older than a few weeks, I may have considered buying him (me) his (my) very own Sphero BB-8 App Enabled Droid!

PlayStation 4 – Star Wars Battlefront Bundle

This is cheating a bit as I already bought one of these last month. One thing I underestimated when buying this, is that it is more than just a video game console. The PlayStation 4 is an all-in-one multimedia experience. With tons of integrated apps for digital media consumers – it truly has everything you need. On top of that, there is a great game library available both in physical form and as digital downloads (such as Star Wars Battlefront 3) to keep you entertained throughout the holiday season.

Nakatomi Plaza Die Hard Blu-ray Collection

Die Hard is one of the greatest and most unconventional Christmas movies of all time. Every year in December, I pull out my Die Hard collection on Blu Ray and watch the original – there is nothing better. Sure this is a rather awkward item to include in your movie shelf, but it is so awesome. Named and modeled after the building in which the events of Die Hard take place, this skyscraper features the entire 5-film collection of the Die Hard franchise along with a bonus disc titled ‘Decoding Die Hard’.

Jaws 19 T-Shirt

In honor of Back to the Future Day coming and going on October 21, 2015 this Jaws 19 shirt is totally rad. Oh what could have been in a world where Jaws had 18 sequels and you could rehydrate a pizza. Keep in mind for those in Canada and the US, shirts on this site ship from the UK. They have a bunch of other cool designs as well from all kinds of movies.

Aladdin (Diamond Edition)

Probably the greatest marketing ploy ever is the way Disney locks away their collections in ‘the vault’ only to re-release older titles every few years. Rejoice movie lovers – Aladdin is out in the Diamond Edition. Now available on Blu-Ray, this high-definition release includes special bonus features, including some that were included in the original DVD release. As a new father (second time I have mentioned that I think) it’s exciting for me to start thinking about all of the classics I grew up on to share with the next generation.

Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Series on Blu-ray

HBO already had one critically acclaimed gangster series under their belt with The Sopranos, and thanks to Boardwalk Empire, they have two. Boardwalk Empire takes place in Atlantic City during the 1920’s right as Prohibition takes effect. What follows is five excellent seasons full of bootlegging, corruption, crooked politicians, and more murders than you can shake a bottle of moonshine at. Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Series collects all five seasons of the show plus a few bonus extras thrown in, which makes it a very worthwhile addition to the HBO family.

The Leftovers: The Complete First Season on Blu-ray

Quite possibly one of the most underrated shows currently on television, The Leftovers is an absolutely fascinating look how people react after a rapture-like event, referred to as The Sudden Departure, causes 140 million people to just disappear off the face of the Earth. Based upon the Tom Perrotta novel of the same name, The Leftovers offers some of the most compelling stories and characters in recent years; however, be forewarned, if you are one of those people who need every question answered, this is not the series for you.

The Art and Making of Hannibal

As much as I mourn the loss of Hannibal, I honestly never expected the series to last beyond its first year, so having three brilliant and beautiful seasons to watch over and over again is a great gift indeed. If you’d like to delve deeper into all things Hannibal, check out The Art and Making of Hannibal by Jesse McLean, which features exclusive cast and crew interviews, behind-the-scenes photography, production notes, storyboards, alongside Hannibal’s sketches and music notations.

BB-8 Desktop Lamp

The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is almost upon us and we can already tell that the adorable BB-8 will be one of the breakout characters. His Sphero incarnation has already appearing on this list, but I thought I’d throw another BB-8 option in the form of this adorable desktop lamp. BB-8 has three different lighting modes which you can cycle through by, wait for it, patting him on the head. Adorable.

The X-Files: The Complete Series on Blu-ray

What can you say about The X-Files that hasn’t already been said, it’s a remarkable TV series whose influence is still being felt today. So many shows make use of the mythology format that The X-Files pioneered but now is your chance to experience the conspiracy for the first time or watch it all over again. The X-Files was one of the very first series to release full seasons on DVD and now, we can finally enjoy all nine seasons in fabulous high-definition. It’s Mulder and Scully as you’ve never seen them before and there’s even space for the upcoming X-Files mini-series which is set to air next year.

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